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Manic episode- any tips on irratic behaviour?



Jul 16, 2009
I have bipolar and am heading for a manic episode. I'm doing impulsive strange things. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through these highs. I'm using loads of Valium but am still manic.

I hate this...


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Jul 7, 2009
Hey there,

It might be a good idea to warn someone close to you that you are feeling like you are coming close to a high, as they can help distract you and help you when it's needed.

If you feel your medication isn't working when you are on a high, it might be a good idea to go to you GP/psychologist/mental health professional and ask for your medication to be altered or increased in some way so that it does help you when you need it.



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Jul 31, 2009
Those people who are "bi-polar" should stay out of coffee since it may even be the root of the condition. Year ago I started to drink coffee and on some days I took 6 large cups. I was certainly having a condition that an psychiatrist would immediately label as "manic" behaviour. I stopped coffee (well not exactly, I'm having 1 cups / day now since the withdrawal is too bad and I can't even do work with those symptoms) and now I'm perfectly fine. If I had been forced to visit a psychiatrist, I might now have unremovable label of craziness.


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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Caffeine products may cause some people to get 'manic-like' symptoms. Some people are more prone to get a little hyper than others. I do not drink coffee. Maybe have a cup once a month or two? I try to drink caffeine free coke when I can find it. I am very high most of the time and it is definitely not due to drinking coffee.

Thalia, Hope you got yourself to a Dr and got your mood brought down.


Jul 30, 2009
Hey there,

It really is quite simple to stop mania

1. Stop Talking to people about 'really' important things

2. Remind yourself the world isn't going to end soon, so do the following

3. Listen to slow tempo Classical Music on a low level Volume, I think Enya is ideal.

4. Focus on your breathing, when your thoughts drift away, just think about deep breathing.

5. Go to Bed.

6. Sleep.

If you manage to sleep, you will wake up much better. :rolleyes:

Download Spotify and listen to Only time by Enya is amazing!!!

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