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Manic 48+ hours oh god now need sleep



Feb 17, 2021
West midlands
Tot manic rpisode last night, complete meltdown today, need sleep now so what's next I wonder, rapid cycling or what at the moment x


Well-known member
Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Was right there with you yesturday and the day before. If you were stable before, it came on quickly and you are still taking your medication it will most likely pass. I get these occasional blips/hypomanic spikes, that often last less than a week, but can be very stressful and draining because they come on unexpected. The best thing right now is to get control of your thoughts. The thing about (hypo)mania that makes it hard for me to sleep is my thoughts going in 50 directions at a time. Try to direct your focus on one monotone thing at a time, such as your breathing, you will find that this will calm you down a bit and make it easier to sleep. With better sleep your mood should go down a few notches. If it still doesn't after a few days, please get in touch with your pschiatrist ASAP.


Well-known member
Apr 15, 2020
I find ASMR videos can be quite effective at grabbing your attention and soothing you. Also creating brainstorms or mind-maps of all your thoughts as they come and go. It allows you to create something and get that craziness out and on paper, which hopefully will slow you down enough for you to get some sleep.

Sometimes you just have to ride out the storm though - at least if you recognize that you are symptomatic then you can try and rationalize and talk yourself down.


Dec 9, 2020
Tot manic rpisode last night, complete meltdown today, need sleep now so what's next I wonder, rapid cycling or what at the moment x
i used to have this rough mood that would come and last usually only one or two days. and i wouldnt sleep very good for one or two days. but then it would pass and i would sleep again. i felt like it was rage coming up from my childhood. havnt had it in awhile so maybe im outgrowing it i dunno. waking up with that rage feeling sucked. because it would wake me up so i wouldnt get a good night sleep and the rage feeling was negative so it was painful. like being pissed off. it went almost everyday for years when i was homeless. that sucked. very painful and agitated every morning. really angry and cant calm down. and no sleep. i felt like it was a combination of healing from childhood abuse combined with the bipolar. took years and years for it to slowly start to pass. then it turned into the one or two day thing.
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