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mania/anxiety/sleep deprivation?



I'm putting this in the depression bit because that's my diagnoses.

Since having my dose of venlafaxine changed from 150-225mg I have gone from a very low mood to a more settled mood and now to an agitated mood.
I was sleeping better but didn't sleep well last night and I'm wide awake now.
My head is banging and I'm so fidgity, this is in just the last fourteen days.
I'm seeing my doctor in the morning and obviously I'll tell her about my mood changes but how will she know if it's sleep deprivation, high anxiety or even mania that's changed my mood so drastically.
I'm waiting to see a psych but I was only referred two weeks ago so I suppose I could be waiting a while.
My low mood initially worsened and I didn't feel I could trust anyone because I was reading all kinds of negative stuff into what was being said to me.

Just can't sleep...


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
I've heard of venlafaxine causing agitation, insomnia, severe anxiety and bringing about hypomania and mania. Your doctor will probably confirm this tomorrow

In the meantime, I hope you manage to get a bit of sleep :hug:


Still awake!

Thanks, your right not long until I see Doc :hug:


I'm much calmer today.
My doctor gave me some zoplicone again just to give me some decent sleep. We're just going to see how my anxiety goes for now and keep up with regular appointments.
I'm staying at the 225 dose of venlafaxine for now too.

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