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Managing Anxiety after 15 Years of Medication



New member
Feb 4, 2019
I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder when I was very young (about 11), and was put on 30mg of Paxil. I am now 26 (female) and have FINALLY managed to come off after taking 10mg for about 7 years.

My reasons for coming off are:
  1. having trouble sexually, romantically and with general relationships
  2. weight issues
  3. I felt I no longer needed to medicate as I haven't had a panic attack in many years.
So I slowly weaned off over the course of 3 months with help from my doctor, and since January 1st I've been completely Paxil free. It may seem like a quick tapering period but this was honestly my 5th time trying to come off and I had the same side effects either way. I'm at a stable point in my life where I felt comfortable enough to do it in this manner.

However recently I've been having some mild anxiety over small things, and it's been affecting my social life. I will be playing boardgames with friends and suddenly start panicking about fixing a broken appliance back home, or my job, or other trivial things. It's come to the point where I'll need to call my mother to talk things through, or simply leave to worry at home. It's also starting to affect my sleep as I stress about things once I turn my computer off or set my phone aside.

I take CBD oil every once in a while for sleep, but should I start taking it during the day? I don't notice a huge difference since I'm only taking very small drops. I do feel that it helps me stay asleep though. I'm also taking vitamin D, Zinc and eating a lot healthier. I tried to stop coffee but that's probably not going to happen any time soon- though I'm only at half a cup a day now.

Is there anything else I can do for mild anxiety? I do not want to rely on medication again unless it is absolutely necessary but I completely understand and sympathise for everyone who needs it! I simply want to try doing this on my own at this point in life.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hello and welcome Corlooo

ah the thing about anxiety is to manage it means a life style change - keep things on an even keel and simple.

well done for coming off and in a responsible way.
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