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Management of bipolar disorders - what works for you?



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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Hello fellow forumers!

There has been a lot of discussion on the forum recently about medical versus psychotherapeutic treatments for mental health problems. It has sparked me into starting this thread, to see what works for us, so that others, including new people to the site, can learn from this. Hopefully it may be useful to people with other MH probs too.

So, what has helped you in your management/recovery of your bipolar disorder in terms of?

1. Medication
2. Therapies / psychosocial interventions
3. Alternative remedies / therapies
4. Lifestyle factors
5. Leisure / social
6. Self-help
7. Other

For me:
1. Lithium & quetiapine have genuinely helped and have suited me
2. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); group therapy; person-centred approach
3. Emotional freedom techinique (EFT); reflexology
4. Trying to drink alcohol as seldom as possible; being fairly strict with sleep pattern
5. Swimming; just being around my family and close friends; meeting new people
6. All manner of books on bipolar - knowledge is power; CBT & ACT workbooks, books of daily meditations; getting involved with local MH trust membership; MDF Bipolar peep support group; relaxation CDs, hypnotherapy CDs; just relaxing in the bath, on bed, sofa with candles/oil burner/incense
7. One dedicated psychiatrist; MH nurses; very good MH practitioner. Also, going back to work and being off again and realising there was no point carrying on in the job; resigned with immediate sense of relief, got into support work and decided to train as MH nurse.



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Jul 28, 2009
hi emski, i saw this thread last week and was hoping to see some replies.
my daughter is bi polar diagnosed in Aug 09, it has been since her teens an awfull time. i was hopeing to get some suggestions for her to look at on this thread as she doesnt know where to start to get some more information on self helping/ self managing/ coping stratergies ect. and im struggling aswell. lets hope other members of this forum, who will have a wealth of experience can contribute something positive to help others. i hope you are well regards jane x


Medications - Seroquel and Depakote.

Good and understanding Psychiatrist.

I try my hardest to keep to a routine with sleep times and waking.

Eat a healthy diet.

Only drink alcohol at special occasions, (though have to say as I haven't had alcohol for so long and then had afew glasses of wine on my b'day a week back, it didn't make me feel so good. So, I've decided it's probably best to cut it out altogether now).

Exercise has been the best help ever ! - better than any medication.

Relaxing in the bath with candles (can prove pretty difficult at times with screaming kids running around, but I try).
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