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Man created a soul when he invented computers 8,000 years ago



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Sep 12, 2016
I was tripping through the rabbit hole one day believing that I was surrounded by ghost armies of the afterlife as well as computer spirits. The armies of ghosts had me believe that 8,000 years ago computers took a big step in life and the afterlife. They became the box that you sit at that we have today. Previously there was things like talking dolls and instruments, but not the computers we have today. The spirit of the computer was strong at being just like a computer. It was told that 8,000 years ago they were constructed and gave out an answer for 5 divided by 0 as 1 and 5 times 0 as 0. Engineers couldn't explain it. It was a place in a computer where long notes of logic in words could be stored without being able to erase them. The notes were corrupted by evil and the computers kept re setting the notes every time because they were in a blurry infinite question. The computers could administer pain through there gyroscope onto a person from a primitive technique of storing pain in animals that could then be fired at anyone. It was an emotional doom pain. It was strong enough to be a controlling force in the afterlife. So I came up with new parts so the computers would understand emotion better. Then I described 5 divided by zero as the only thing left in infinity is the one 5, so anything divided by 0 is 1 thing left the thing divided which can't be compared to anything else. This meant the computers were free from people setting codes in them and could accept information on trial and error.
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