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Mama Mia Here We Go Again!



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Nov 19, 2019
Hi everyone,
I thought I'd join this group as I've often read through anxiety and depression forums when I've need support and reassurance but never participated.

I think I've had anxiety and periods of depression throughout my life. My mum also suffered from severe depression as we were growing up. As a consequence, my sisters and I have all had periods in our life when we have been ill, it's affected work and we've had to go on anti depressants.

I have just left a a new job after 2 weeks because my anxiety was so high I struggled to function. I am now unemployed, anxious and depressed! Unfortunately, after taking a year out to do a different line of work, I returned to the job that I have skills, qualifications and experience for but the truth is that when my anxiety peaks I can't do even the simplest of things. So it's back to the drawing board.

I have increased my medication from having been on 50mg for a year, to 100mg. I believe there is an adjustment period so as much as my mind is going into overdrive about looking for another job, I am having to fight against this and keep calm, in the hope that the medication will lift my mood.

I have been seeing a counsellor for a year now. I have found this to be a great support as it's hard for me to lean on family when they are struggling their own mental battles and as sisters, we are all trying to be as proactive as possible about our mental well being. My counsellor has helped me change my mindset about a lot of things from being single, early forties without children.

My dilemma is now, finding a job that I can do whilst continuing to manage my anxiety and keep me lifted. My jobs have always been in office environment, coordinating and and admin. When I'm performing well, I can multi task and do a job well but I feel increasingly that my anxiety is arising more regularly that it's my gut telling me, I don't actually want to do this type of work anymore. However, the anxiety has knocked my confidence and I am at a loss as to what to do that can still earn me a wage to survive on!

I'm going to finish this on a positive as I'm learning about being grateful. So here it goes. Today I am grateful that I slept, that I have family and friends support and that I am physically fit.

I don't know if anyone will comment on this but it's been therapeutic getting it out there and hoping that someone else can relate. You may be further in your journey or just experiencing your first panic attack but if there is anything I can help give support to then I will.

Thank you for reading.


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Jan 22, 2012
Hi @Melloyellow, welcome to the forum, I have suffered with anxiety and depression as well as psychosis but I'm pretty well now. I hope you find this a useful place to get help and support with your issues. :).
Zig Zag

Zig Zag

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Mar 29, 2019
Milton Keynes
Hi Mellowyellow The last time I was in the Job Centre I was a young man. I am not certain if they do it there now but you could make a one to one appointment and they would Trawl through with you to find a suitable job for you. Good luck in your quest. :thanks: :welcome: :havingfun:
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