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Making sense of Visions, Voices & Paranoia Workshop - Bournemouth - run by National Paranoia Network & Inst of MH



Making sense of Visions, Voices & Paranoia Workshop - Bournemouth - run by National Paranoia Network & Inst of MH

Making Sense of: Voices, Visions & Paranoia

Two-day skills based workshop delivered by National Paranoia Network & The Institute of Mental Health Nottingham

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 16 Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth Dorset BH5 1AH

Date: 24th & 25th September 2013

Time: 10am-4pm
Facilitators: Peter Bullimore & Chris Tandy (sufferers of these conditions)

Workshop Content
Day 1
• Understanding paranoia through the history of psychiatry
• The problem with diagnosis
• Making sense of paranoia
• The three stages of paranoia
• Making sense of ‘Unusual Beliefs’
• Trauma and paranoia
• Personal Experience of recovery
• Coping Strategies

Day 2
• History of understanding voices and visions beyond a psychiatric perspective
• The difficulty with diagnosis
• Limitations of traditional therapy
• The three stages of voices
• Case Studies
• Understanding voices and visions
• Coping Strategies

Workshop Outcomes
Day 1
• Gain a contemporary understanding of paranoia and other alternative beliefs.
• Gain a critical understanding of current bio-medical constructs of paranoia.
• Construct collaborative understanding of paranoia with service users in a
respectful, ethical and therapeutic manner.
• Understand the potential connection between trauma and paranoia.
Day 2
• Take a critical and thoughtful perspective on traditional ways of
understanding voice hearing and visions.
• Understand the potential pitfalls of the claims made from other therapies.
• Take a respectful and ethical approach to the experience of voice hearing
• Understand the potential connection between trauma and voice hearing and visions.
• Develop new ways of talking to and working with people who experience voices and visions.
This workshop is targeted at all mental health workers, criminal justice personnel, third sector agencies and people who experience voices, visions and paranoia. Costs are £30 (unwaged/student), £60 (part-time), and £150 (waged) For both day’s
Apply now: Workshop Administrator : Karen Sugars [email protected] with the completed application form.


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I was sent this info by email and just cut and pasted the info, rather than including the application form as well....I will cut and paste it onto here if that's OK? (sorry bit of a techie numptie!) I'll also check the email address.
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The other suggestion is to contact [email protected] who sent me the document and is one of the speakers / organisers.
Hope this helps!
Let me know how it goes if you attend....my therapist went to one and was impressed.