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Magical thinking OCD



New member
Mar 1, 2015
Hey, I was wondering if I could get some advice?

I believe ( after some research ) that I have magical thinking OCD, it plagues me intermittently in my life and comes in the form of an obsession of when walking to always walk an even amounts of steps on each slab of pavement. Sometimes when it's really bad I get it in ways like I have to apply the same force with my foot with each step and if I don't get it I need to go and do it again until I have done each on each foot an even number of times. I also often have this problem with my hands when touching objects/people. It's really awkward when I have this problem when I'm around friends and family and I was just wondering what I should do?


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2013
Hello, Magical, welcome to the forum. I have a minor form of OCD, I check and recheck things, won't do anything unless the time on the clock ends with an odd number. I can't get out of my chair at 11:30, have to wait until it is 11:31. Undressing and dressing is the same way: Sweater, shoes, pants, shirt. socks. Socks, shirt, pants, shoes, sweater. If I accidentally do it in the wrong order, I get worried and think I have done something wrong. On top of that, I am bipolar. Have never mentioned the OCD to my psychiatrist, figure he has enough to do dealing with the bipolar. Anyway, you are not alone, and again, welcome to the forum.
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