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Apr 22, 2009
I personally have a few issues. As of June of last year I left home due to having very abusive parents. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse, the sexual from my Father.
Anyway I moved in with an EX counsellor, who welcomed me in the family and said i could live there until I started Uni. During the time i was living there a lot of my stuff went missing, including money was disappearing from my purse. I wasn't sure what was happening but decided to tell Yvonne (the ex counsellor) I said that I thought it was her daughter (who doesn't live with her and is 22 years old) but had no proof. She listened but didnt take it too seriously I dont think. On a seperate occasion she talked to me about how her digi cam had gone missing a couplw of years ago but put it down to her stepchildren taking it home with them. I didnt make anything of it.
The last two months i had to stay with her daughter as I couldnt live at Uni due to constantly being followed and harassed by my father. During this time some of my stuff went missing again and money also started disappearing. So one day when I was alone in her house I decided to try and find my stuff, and I did. I took my belongings back and locked them away. Whilst looking however, i found a camera that looked like the one Yvonne had described to me. So i text yvonne explaining and she told me to take it and bring it to her. Her mum spoke to her other sons and it was decided that Yvonne would talk to her. SO she did. Of course she denied everything, and claimed that I was lying and that I had stole money from her (yvonnes) house. Which is a total lie. So she stormed ut of the house and went home. I spoke to yvonne and she said for me not to think that im not believed because i am and she knew she was lying.
Suddenly, Yvonne wont talk to me, and i asked if i could go see her this weekend and she said it wouldnt be a good idea. When I said why she said because nobody is talking to her and also, her sons have talked to her daughter and they believer her and are claiming im lying too! I asked yvonne over text if she believed me and she said she doesnt think she does.
Now i face losing a family! I have no biological family at all, and yvonne and her family are literally the only people i have. I dont know what to do and i am freaking out. I am telling the truth and cant understand how they can suggest im lying when theres so much evidence. I wasn't even around when this digi cam went missing as i didnt know them then, so i cant be blamed for that! I just dont know what to do but i can feel myself getting incredibly suicidal and depressed again, knowing that if Yvonne believes her daughter that im lying, she will just cut me off and have nothing to do iwht me. I tried texting yvonne asking her to talk and shes just ignoring me and wonit talk to me about anything. I dont know what to do and im freaking out!


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Apr 4, 2008
When you say ex counsellor do you mean she was your counsellor? This would be considered very unprofessional and could be doing you a lot of harm.
I don't know what to suggest for what you do about it and the loss of a family is really difficult.
If she was your counsellor take a step back and try and evaluate the relationship because it may not be healthy.
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