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Lying voices that are annoying. I tried to be friends..



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Oct 12, 2018
This is the first time I write about this:
I hear a voice from time to time that nags me saying: "I f***ed my mom.* I think the voice originally came from the fear of a demon or something. I don't believe in demons anymore at all, I'm way down to earth these days.

However, I also have derealization. Right when I have a feeling like nothing is real, like I don't exist or I know who I am the voices start too. It's really bad for me because two problems are too hard to handle sometimes.

It's a man's voice that I hear, and a woman's sometimes. They aren't really there but I can hear them. I live in a very noisy environment and I can see why my brain thinks it's hearing voices.

I'm taking a treatment about the voices but it hasn't stopped them yet entirely, it's been almost an year. I hope one day I won't have derealization and voices, but who knows.

My doctor says derealization is from the disease (curable he says), but I know for sure that the treatment causes it since I've stopped once taking the pills and I was fine. I have to keep taking the treatment because voices started after I stopped. So my advice to you: don't stop taking your meds, even you think you'll be okay. Sure, you'll last for like 2 months and then go back to your old or new problems.


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May 6, 2017
I tried to make friends with the voice I hear but he is having none of it, he's like a child that I'm having to raise, he acts like a 2-12 year old and I'm like a parent to him (I'm 38). I haven't spoken to him for just over two years now, he won't stop talking or singing, anything to keep being verbal and it's annoying the hell out of me.

Thankfully the meds reduce the volume of his voice by around 95% so he's really easy to ignore, he's always saying "I hate you" and "F-you" even after all this time. When he grows up and shows me some respect I'll talk to him again and let him help make decisions that effect our life, I may even set aside some money each week and let him decide how to spend it.

I hope you can eventually make friends with yours, I've met other people with decent voices and they've been very helpful to them, they say two minds are better than one and I have to admit mine has the ability to remember things that I sometimes forget like names of people.


Jul 6, 2018

Mind that these dangerous psych meds cause all these symptoms too. Especially cold turkey withdrawals from these poisons can cause all kinds of neuro-physiological and neuro-psychological disorders. These meds (especially neuroleptics) are dangerous beyond belief. Never stop cold turkey though, this can cost your life. Sure these medications can suppress certain symptoms for a short time but essentially they make things MUCH worse in the long run. I got my voices from a withdrawal of "Clozapine" btw, I never had this before I got treated with these unethical meds. This is my opinion and I would challenge anyone on this anytime for the rest of my life, I have done my homework.