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Low mood



May 20, 2016
Hi everyone,
I'm not too sure how I'm feeling right now but I thought I would post anyway.
I'm having really low mood at the moment over the last few days and I know this comes and goes but I just feel like I can't pull myself out of it. My worries go over and over in my head, I go to bed hoping I won't have the same worries the next day! Which is a good day. But the same worry has been just sort of there in my head floating about, not so much making me panicked but making me feel extremely down, maybe even slightly numb.

I also keep thinking it's possible for things to have happened in the past which I had never thought of before (for example, saying someone bad to someone and never remembering it before when thinking of the conversation, until I had a thought about saying something bad and now I feel like I can remember it and now I can't stop thinking about it!)

It's rather tiering when your brain doesn't stop thinking, does anyone else feel like this? Get these type of thoughts?


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
breathe in through the heart and out through the solar plexus. this is what i needed to do only last night as i was having difficulties shall we say. really i needed to get out of my head and into my heart. and that helped me enormously.

because being in my head too much starts to affect my solar plexus also. doing the breathing exercise even only for a few minutes helped me enormously and i needed to do this a few times last night along with singing and whistling!:whistle:

and i have to say i am feeling so much better today it is starting to curl up at the edges again but i can go back to the breathing, beats meds anyroad!

try it you have nothing to loose.
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