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New member
Oct 30, 2019
new york
I have a question for you with bp whom may relate to this behaviour (or you with a partner with bp whom you feel has done something similar) - as I am struggling to see how I can be the best supporting partner to my gf.

I have a (rather new) long distance relationship with the most amazing girl. She is bipolar. Unsure of what kind.

I really want to be there for her and make this relationship work.

The relationship started early this summer. Everything went fine until she all of a sudden said things were going to fast and she needed time (actually, she has been the one ‘pushing’ up to that point, why I was somewhat amazed to hear of it). Nonetheless, I backed off, trying to be supportive.

The last month and a half, since that message of needing time, she ignores me for days only to send me a short text on how she misses me every day and loves me or how hot I am- then doesn’t open my replies to that for several days.

She can’t visit me due to work so I suggested I’d come over to her city. She was very excited about that. When I came I didn’t see her.

Any suggestions of what I should do?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
n yeah with someone that unwell
its no use expecting much really
she will want you to be there for her on her terms

I think you have to weigh up how much you love her
against the demands of a relationship like that
you cant ' make her change '
and you would be a carer of sorts

I recommend doing an internet search
for example, ' how to help someone with bipolar '

oh and :welcome: ✨ !