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Love and prayers. A little education and talk.



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
Is the best remedy. Talking. People understand each other.

At times we forget to talk about things.

In case you have no one. We are always here.

This has helped me tremendously. And I realized there are others we can help..

I gave advice to a friend. And I relived things from my past. Not just pains but great elements too.

We tend to be extremists about everything. Which is not bad. Its just different and how we view the world; every once in a while.

Therapy comes up. Ok. I am well versed on this.

In case you know any one in extreme need?

1.) Most emergency rooms, have a psych division. If it gets too extreme. You can always find safety there.

* It's free. No insurance is required the day of. Because its the emergency. They legally they have to admit you. And accept you.

* They have excellent and friendly staff 24/7.

* When you submit yourself. You are in control. They will monitor you from 24 hours. To a maximum 72 hours. This will give you three days of care. You will talk to dozens of professionals.

* Ask everything about everything; about your disease. Ask everything about everything about you.

* Learn everything about your disease. Lear everything about you.

In three days. You will be stable and with a fighting chance.

- No need to be ashamed. No need to judge yourself. No need to shut down. No need to put yourself down. It's normal. I did it. And so can you.

If you are at your limits. They will help you. Asap. And with top medical priority. Always.

Mental health is serious. The universe knows that. Any country you live in. It is a silent rule.

You are precious. If you need help. Get help.


Light heartedly.

For less severe cases.

There are forums for college, universities, jr colleges, technical and vocational schools on campus. And online.

You can link up with programs that are pro bono.

Many students willing to sit and chat with you through zoom etc. Skype. But normally at the school libraries you can sit with one or more students. That will chat with you for free. And when you finish. You can donate like $60.00 etc.

And they will listen to your problems. And your thoughts and advise you.

They may even write a paper assignment based on experience with your talks.

For finals. Some times studies over one or two semesters.

Also during spring break. Summer break. And winter breaks.

It's confidential. You can make great new friends. Build you professional support team. Tailored to you and your needs.

Also. They know most of the local programs and school programs. So it is even more resources for you.

A therapist is $185.00/ hour?

See my point?

$80.00-$60.00 on average. Is excellent. For four hours?

It's just common sense.

I used to pay $30.00/ hour out of decency. Because the value for my life was there.

Three days a week. Then two days. Than once every two weeks. Even once a month.

That is where I am now.

But. It really really helps.

Plus. I always invited family members. If I had to ever clear past issues with them.

Same price.

Me and my brothers all got therapy.

It is our private business.

Most of my family. Never had a clue.

I know it's ying/yang.

Two extreme examples. But both strategies have worked for me.

And could be another arrow in your talon. Should you ever need it.

You literally have all hospitals across the globe.

We are never alone.

911. Emergencies.

611. Medical emergencies. If we can't drive to the hospital. They will pick us up.


I remember going into the emergency room. Getting admitted. Then driven 5 hours away to a facility. For 3 days.

Just to have peace. Just to compose myself. Just to quit cigarrettes and get control of myself mentally.

It was so worth it. I was at my lowest low. And all alone.

My brother had kicked me out. And put me out in the streets.

I was schitzo... Plus. Manic dressive. Bi polar....

Man. I suffered.

It was like a death sentence.

He did not know any better. On how to handle some one so fragile...

But I got help.

Yeah.. I may have cried on the shoulders of my nurses... Them being strangers to me..

But... @$!# it. Those strangers... Saved... My... Life....

Humble pie....

I have had my fair amount of slices...

I pray this reaches you.

God Bless You All.



Jun 23, 2014
I went to the emergency room at the hospital when my ptsd got out of my control. Never think of the psych ward as a terrible place for it is really a fort of refuge and rescue when things are really unbearable. And it's true they can't turn you away.


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Jun 24, 2020
I never thought about schools as a resource. That is great information. Thanks for that. :)


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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
We are not alone in this. Forget what ignorance thinks about it.

If Warren Buffet has done it and recommended it; to be successful. @$!# what anyone thinks..

To be successful in anything, you must have a sound mental attitude.

Our mental stability is most important.

Whatever it takes.

I am committed to success. We take out time for everything else in life. We are priority too.

We are always first, to put ourselves last. We love to a default. .. Most people are not like that. And that is both shocking and hurtful to us.

We will work 100 hours a week with overtime; in anything. If we deem it to be worth our love support and understanding.

Anything negative... We stay away from like a vyrus.

Seriously. Its when we put our foot down and say no more... That people get shocked with us.

Then it works in the opposite.

We then become over achievers.

Then some of those same abusive people whom created that neglect originally; refuse to acknowledge our great accomplishments.

We have every right to buy Porsches, Ferrari's and Lamborghini's....

We fought for our place in a world that makes it extra hard to succeed in the first place..

I told my own family...

I love you.


The buck. Stops. Here.

God. Bless. You.

Gotta go. Bye bye. I have a family to raise....

To never become abusive like you!