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lost in a world of despair
lost in a world without care
lost to the god up above
lost to the children you love
lost in your quiet mind
lost in a world that is blind
lost to your father and mother
lost to your sister and brother
lost in your thoughts thru and thru
lost to the people you knew
lost are your skills and your art
lost is your soul and your heart
lost what your lifes all about
lost is your drive and your clout
lost is forever it seems
lost are your goals and your dreams
but one things not lost that is sure
hope stays forever and more
hope destroys lost everyday
hope keeps us feeling okay
hope remains stong in our hearts
that one day with lost you will part
that one day lost is no longer
and hope is forever the stonger
on lost you will shut the door
and lost will be never more
open your heart let hope in
making sure lost does not win