Dec 6, 2018
Gipsy Hill, South East London.
Hi, I find myself in London, been here 23 years yet I do not have a single friend. When my life went wrong, my life went wrong, I lost those 'friends'. Now I am being forced out of my family due to my mental health. Yes, I have done things wrong and I have done my time. But throwing away the protective link for me is creating more harm and risk.

Now, I am alone and without a friend. I am lost in this world of despair and pain. Shuddering with flashbacks from the rapes as a child. I suddenly duck because I had a flashback that I was being beaten. I struggle with the emotions of a 38-year-old survivor. I am Irish.

On the 8th of October, when I was told I had to divorce I tried to take my own life, sadly it did not work. I took a very large quantity of pills. I normally do not touch alcohol as I can't stand the memories it brings up for me. But I took a lot of alcohol.

Dam someone found me and got an ambulance, I begged them to leave me, leave me where I was. I no longer want to battle the feelings of being a survivor, a survivor of incest abuse, sexual abuse in the care system in Ireland. I am lost in a world of pain and confusion. I struggle with being the feelings of hopelessness. :low::panic::faint:
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Jan 12, 2019
Minnesota, USA

Sorry to hear about how you feel. Have faith in yourself. Don’t give up. There’s always hope. You have to make friends if you don’t have any. Strength comes from within yourself. Be motivated about a better tomorrow. It’s important to have self talk sometimes. Tell yourself you will survive. Why do you feel negative about being a survivor? Surviving is a sign of determination and confidence. Negativity isn’t serving you nor helping your situation.
If you need someone to talk too, it will be a pleasure and honor for me.
My positive thoughts and prayers for you.
Peace and blessings my friend.