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Lost it today



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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Well i knew it was coming, have so much going on. Today was rushing around then had to go to tesco, kids being a nitemare, and I lost it. Cant remember leaving tesco but went to social work with the kids, planning to drop them and run - to where i dont know. Didnt want to just leave them in tesco car park. Have been there since after school. Have been crying for hours. Its just all too much, Hate myself for being such a rubbish mum.:(

hubby had to get out of work and come and get us all. obviously worried sick. about me and the kids. what a horrible person i have become.

My cpn is on holiday all week, and the doc just said talk to mental health team, unless i want to go to hospital, which i dont.

i love my kids so much, i just want to be a good mum:(


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Apr 4, 2008
Yoou are not a horrible mum you are unwell. Trying to get help is the best thing you can do. Take care.


I would just like to reaffirm whot kp1 said cheers take care jd(I find it difficult n I havent got children it must be dificult for you honestly)


Nov 24, 2008
You are not a horrible person, you just suffer from a horrible affliction. It's not your fault. Being a parent is a lot of hard work and stress, and doubly so when you suffer from depression. I hope you get well so you can prove to yourself that you're a great mother.


Oct 16, 2008

I just wanted to say, i dont think your a bad mum at all, you are suffering from an illness. And to be honest, i sometimes think that freaking out every now and again is a good thing, I know it doesn't make you feel good, but it does make people stand up and take notice of what you are going through. Now maybe you can get some help and maybe some counselling?

I went to my doctors yesterday and basicly broker down in tears, now he has taken me a bit more seriously, he has changed my meds and has referred me for counselling, which i think will help alot.

Sometimes it helps to talk to a complete stranger about how you feel. If you ever feel the need to 'vent' then please feel free to contact me, as i know how your feeling. I am a single mum, and i know how hard it can be, even if you are married.

Please dont feel like your a bad mum, at the end of the day you are doing the best you can do. And thats all you can do. As you talk and get better you may feel you are doing a better job. Things can only get better afterall.

All mylove.



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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs

I agree with Linzi, its not wrong to let it out or let it rip or whatever, it shows those around you you need support, and I am willing to bet there is no one who has had anything to do with kids would not be able to relate with what you felt in one way or another.
Its easy for anyone else to say but truthfully you have to ensure you take sometime out for yourself within the day, especially busy ones. I learnt from my wife (who does not suffer with depression) what it is like to be on the receiving end, if she needed help/support she ensured I knew about it, I actually when I did realise she needed support started to enjoy far more time with the kids.

Maybe a way is to think of the 'Malterser' adverts where the mum is doing something the kids want to do ie play in the paddling pool or wendy house, well it allways makes me smile.

I'm not making light of what you ar going through, just trying to think laterally and if nothing else to help to give you a non chemical way of dealing with the stress of kids

Best Wishes

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