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Lost in thought



New member
Jan 22, 2019
Hello all,
I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety off and on for quite some time. Idk if I’m bipolar or have some personality disorder, but I’ve experienced severe derealization for as long as I can remember. It feels like my consciousness is separate from my body and the physical world. I just finished college and was dead set on joining the military. This was at a time when I felt that whatever condition I have was subdued or nonexistent. My personality has changed greatly over the past couple of months even though I feel like I’ve had no control of this. Before, I was very strong willed, sometimes overly aggressive but always compassionate, and had to feel like the top dog. Now, I’m as quiet as can be, hardly reacting to things. My physical appearance is unkempt, and I do nothing when I come home except watch tv. It could be any number of things in my mind
- cte, bipolar depression, personality disorder,hypothyroidism
or I could just be overthinking way too much about simple depression and anxiety
If any of this sounds familiar or someone knows where to start the process of narrowing down the possibilities please lmk. All my GP does is throw antidepressants at me and say try this for a month