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Lost a good friend



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May 4, 2010
up north
about a year and a half ago i had a a great friend who decided not to be my friend anymore because of my bad mouthing her boyfriend. she wanted to come over my house one night and wanted to bring her boyfriend over my house.

this person has lack of character and cheats people out of money, steals, calls her the b word, dumb ass, and so forth. being afriaid that he would steal from my family i told her over the phone that night that he cannot come over to my home anymore because of his behavior. she paused for about 30 seconds thinking that she would hang up on me, and said that maybe that friday we could do something. i never heard from her since.

i lost a great friendship. the thing is that she always talked bad about her boyfriend, talking about leaving him so i thought it was okay to bad mouth him. we went to a lot of places toghether, sang songs on the radio, go to the bars, everywhere!

my only friend in this town is the father of my child who lives with me and our son, which is my first and formost my best friend which i cherish. we don't go out on the town with each other because we don't have a babysitter all the time, and i was able to go out about 2 months ago.

i have had tons of friends and all of the friendships ended badly because i would rage on and then say that i don't want to be friends with them anymore for they will show that negative side of them at anytime and i don't know how to cope with difference of opinion, and different thought processes.

i don't know why i get angry with people and decide to end the friendship. my son's father and i have had major issues in the past and once in a while we will have arguments, and i will get mad and throw things, yell and call him bad names.

i take zyprexa for my bipolar disorder and ocd, lamictal for my major depression, alprazolam for my anxiety and nothing for my adhd. these medications make me feel numb, unaware of my surroundings and confused. i don't know what to do. i want to make friends and keep them but i always forsee that the friendship will go up in flames.

i don't know what to do. i can't make friends by staying indoors (unless on the internet and i can't guarantee that) and i don't like the bar scene anymore and i don't drink or smoke cigarettes and in the town that i live almost everyone goes to the bar. so i don't know what to do except reevaluate my actions and maybe i can continue to stop my crazy thoughts. i don't know.
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Apr 20, 2010
Hiya :)

I have just been through a similar situation with a close friend, but there are countless examples of times i had done it in the past aswell, we were both single mums and at the time due to my ups and downs i pretty much was with her all the time, we had brilliant times and i used to stay at hers most nights with my daughter, we both met our partners at the same time and continued to see each other but not as often, i set up home again at my house for my daughters sake really to provide her with a place called home and to make our family life more functional!

I didnt like them coming round to mine as they barge in through the back gate with her annoying partner, kids and dogs (my cat hates dogs) then take over my tv and computer so me and my daughter felt like a spare part in our own home, after a while i avoided her coming round and just saw her at her house but she kept putting more and more pressure on to see her, i was going through a hyper phase and was very work orientated trying to earn more money, then the thoughts that she was stalking me started! Until eventually i stopped returning phone calls because she wouldnt take on board what i wanted or needed, at the time i thought it was all her and was pleased to be rid of her but when all the thoughts stopped and i crashed into depression, well now im not so sure, i can see iv done this to alot of friends in the past, have only just been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and it was only because of all this with my friend that i worked out something wasnt right.

For now i really want to say sorry to her but then im worried ill end up doing it all over again, i have distanced myself from all of my friends at the moment and only speak to people online, i wish i could give you more advice but im only at the start of it all and trying to learn myself, you are not alone! I go on a few internet radio sites and most of my friends are online now although i knew some of them in person before anyway, when i dont know where to turn i look to the forums, and when im high i go to the internet radio sites and listen to music and chat to people there, hope you find something that helps you :grouphug:

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