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Loss of belief due to psychosis



Well-known member
May 26, 2009
Hello! The voices have been totally awful unbearable
What really didn't help was the physical bit I felt as if I had a massive electrical current running through me it was a very terrible feeling I wouldn't wish it on anybody had it a few years ago on my first breakdown my life is in pieces I wish it would just stop and leave me alone
I have now lost believe in a god think it is just made up there is no such thing as heaven and hell it's manmade
Stil believe in something after death
This relentless awful psychosis leaves very little Wx


I have now lost believe in a god think it is just made up there is no such thing as heaven and hell it's manmade
That's not necessarily a bad thing Wendy. Personally I think that all Religion is very largely all made up & man made.

Spirituality I find different - developing our own path & understandings. I think that there is a spirit World & a Source, a Creator - but not in any religious sense.

Sometimes just forgetting about all that stuff, & focusing on the down to earth, day to day stuff; is a very good thing to do.


Well-known member
Oct 31, 2008
There has to be one responsible for all this :). Without one responsible, life can feel a little meaningless and very burdensome without acomplishments. I believe we are being watched continuously by one that enjoys our success. Always takes joy in our prosperity. An essence, pressence, spirtual, that gives our souls peace and joy.

It sounds as though your going through a very very tough time, perhaps.
The one or one's giving you that hard time dont want you to be joyful. They arent the same as the one resposible for all the good things, obviously.

Your seeking for peace of mind and body, sounds to me, and I believe you will it. The problems will pass.
Thinking of you.