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New member
Feb 12, 2010
Hi everyone, my name is Danny from Hull in England (a place that is as dull as it sounds), this is my first post and you'll have to excuse the self pitying nature, but I really need to get this out.

I have been diagnosed on previous visits to a Psychiatrist with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (more the Pure O type, which is sometimes hellish and virtually unmanageable, others less so) and Anxiety Disorder (which is always difficult). I have also seen councillors, psychologists and support workers, all of which have been various levels of helpful but not particularly useful. Inevitably, I suffer from social anxiety, paranoia and over sensitivity, but lately, more than anything else, it is getting unbearable.

I recently split from my long term partner (just over 2 years), and this has bought pressures to meet new people and generally get out that weren't particularly pressing before. As a result, I have put myself in social situations I would usually avoid and this has taken such a toll on me, I don't even want to leave the house. Either I'm unnaturally quiet and ignored by the social group I'm with, or I put too much effort to appear outgoing and subsequently analyse every stutter, mispronunciation and conversation topic with merciless scrutiny. As a result, I'm at the end of my tether and can barely bring myself to leave the house. In turn, I find excuses not see my friends and family, and when I do I feel as if there is a foot of glass between us, I just can't express myself.

I again wish to apologise for the nature of this post, I really needed to get these words out. Somply finding this forum has helped immensely already, and thank you for any advice and feedback.




Hello and Welcome

I suffer from OCD
It usually involves worrying If i've left the fire or the telly switched on after I've left the flat
But last summer I bought a budgie
Now it's cold I go out knowing that i've left both the fire and the telly on...
For the budgie