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Losing my mind GAD/dpdr health anxiety



New member
Nov 25, 2021
Norwich uk
Hi everyone,
I want to explain my story because I think I'm losing my mind.
So everything started after I had a panic attack for misuse of co-codamol and it happened while driving.
I started feeling like I was going to have a heart attack everyday I was certain somthing bad was going to happen.
I was put on 20mg fluoxetine (it ruined my stomach)
So I asked to change after having to call the crisis team at this point I was bad I was put onto sertraline 100mg, I had an alright few weeks until I was driving again and turned my head to look out of the window and looked back and went super dizzy. After this I no longer had heart problems but I convinced myself I had a brain tumor.
I went to the doctors the told me there's no tumor I had an ECG, blood test the full checks.
So I left feeling pretty good. The reassurance felt good.
Now I'm on 20mg citalopram and have been for around 6 weeks.
I feel I'm at my worst I have this problem where I can't look at my self or look at my hands I have this overwhelming thought process of its locked in my mind I feel dizzy when I think talk or hear about anxiety it's running my life I've tried to just snap out of whatever is going on and it's impossible I never had depression before it was just a few heart palpitations and tbh I would happily go back to feeling that way over this I can't work out if it's the medication (too high or too low) or if I even need medication. I'm scared I feel like im not real I can't talk to anyone about it because it makes it worse even when I'm writing this it's overwhelming. It's worse in the morning but at some point in the day I'm guaranteed a panic attack big or small and this feeling of Derealization / depersonalization thing its freaking me out. I also feel this extremely bad when I'm out talking to people my voice sounds weird.
I hope someone can understand this.