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losing my marriage to Depression



New member
Aug 3, 2018
Hi everyone,

I've tried to post once but I don't know where that's gone so I'll try again.

I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with psychotic depression after 2yrs of struggling and nearly sectioned due to constant suicide threat. I hear 3 voices telling me to kill myself constantly.

My wife has struggled with this and been by my side but I'm losing her - I have caused her anxiety to manifest and this has opened the door to depression. The problem is I'm still not giving her what she needs our sex life since me being ill has dropped to 5-10% of what it was - I just don't get any sexual urge at all and it's killing our marriage.

How can I support her while suffering myself? She thinks I'm selfish and it's always about me - I try hard to ask and hug her if I see but I just don't see.

She says because I'm holding down a homebased sales job I'm fine but I just get through the day as best I can.and act ok to strangers. But when I'm home its as if im a differen person because i can stop pretending! But this has caused her to leave work now ans she keeps saying she kept me when i was ill so i cant not work now even more.

I don't know how I can help her I know it's awful to say and I just don't know what to do I'm trying my hardest to keep my head above water with these damn voices loud as ever!!!!!

Im seeing my psychiatrist nxt Friday (mthly appt)

Please any advice will be welcome I need help.

Burts Bee

New member
Aug 3, 2018
Hi Bulldog,

You need to talk to your wife. She obviouly loves you to have been through all of that with you to the point it has made her poorly too. Dont lose your marriage when it has been the thing that has got you through! Be there for each other , I know its hard to feel any kind of empathy with depression but she probably needs you so much right now and feels alone which must be so tough after being there for you|!

if you still love each other fight for your marriage. Dont let depression rob you of everyting!


Active member
May 21, 2017
You both have been through so much. You obviously want to save your marriage, and marriages are worth working for! Have you considered marriage counseling? Christian marriage counseling helped my husband and me have a safe place to express our feelings, get an unbiased perspective and Godly advice, and some strategies to help us both become healthier individually and as a couple. Please consider this! Again, marriages are worth fighting for! Praying for you both today!


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2018

I am a person with bipolar and i almost lost my husband because of my condition. My husband loves me despite my condition and I believe your wife loves you so much.

I suggest you verbalize and you show your love for her the way you did when you were still newly married. Don't let depression ruin your marriage. Don't let depression ruin you. When i was depressed, listening to good music on FEBC online radio helped amd enlightened me. Whatever it is that burdens or disturbs your mind is not forever. You were made to be happy so enjoy your times with your wife. Be more open and sweet to her. Remember, your depression is not permanent. It will go away.
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