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Losing my future to depression



Well-known member
Jan 12, 2019
Hello everybody, this might be one of my last posts on here because I've decided that I need to put my past behind me before it's too late. If I don't make big changes now, I'm afraid that I will lose my future and whatever I have now to depression.

I have lived the last 4 years since I was diagnosed at age 16 in fear of losing my life to Depression. I have been losing my future and myself gradually over time. At this time I have no friends I can confide in, a broken self image and the bleakest perspective on life. I work an entry level job on an income that will not make me better. In fact, I'm on track to not being able to hold down any job at all. The world just seems to be passing me by.

I am questioning myself whether living with my parents is the right route to recovery. Instead of blaming my Depression on genetics and my upbringing I need to take full self-responsibility for my illness.

I'm afraid I'll never get out this sh*t hole. I am so scared that this is it, this is my life. It is so cold and lonely. Instead of accepting the hopelessness I need to make my own hope. I can't go on relying on other people to make it better because there is no one.

I'm terrible at planning but I need to set goals and stick to them instead of floating around. If anyone knows ways that I can stop it taking over my life and my future I could use the advice.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
there are two other sub forums here you might find helpful

the one called Getting your life back

and the one called Work money and benefits

I have not been able to work
but I know people who have
and at the local wellbeing hub
there is a guy who is very good
at helping people keep their jobs with their MH going on

:grouphug: 🌠


Jul 16, 2019
Hugs to you Human.

Try setting yourself small goals and one at a time. Once that is done move onto the next and gradually make the goal bigger. You will get there hun


Well-known member
Oct 2, 2019
Ah that's just your depression talking, don't listen to it! You won't feel like this forever. It sounds like you know that too because you're talking about making your own hope.

Poor mental health does have a curious way of derailing even the best laid plans so there's always time to make new plans, however small.

Remember, even if your worst fears come true, working isn't the be all and end all of living - even if you're too unwell to work you can still have a fulfilling life.

And if you're committed to improving your mental health there's every chance you'll achieve it.