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Losing motivation and losing my interests



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Aug 20, 2018
For starters, I’ve never been on one of these forums before so forgive me if I lack the proper etiquette needed :)

The main reason I decided to join this is because of a struggle I’ve been having the last few years. Perhaps it’s depression or perhaps it’s just growing pains but here it goes. When I was younger, I was a very ambitious person taking all sorts of higher level courses, studying hard, and wanting to aim high. When college came around my motivation completely plummeted. I realized, everything about me and that I thought made me a smart, competitive, person was sheer mediocrity. I would try to be a good student and aim for above average but no matter what I did in college I was just...average. That feeling hit me hard and I just lost a lot of my goals and dreams in life. I wanted to go to law school and be something professional and prestigious but every endeavor I took fell short and I just knew I couldn’t do it. Now, after leaving college, life has been pretty awful. I work a low wage job, still live with my family and feel like a complete loser and waste of space.

Now perhaps this is part of my new, “adult life”, but paying my car bill, cell bill, car insurance, working to barely scrape buy and just constant worry about my future has left me exhausted. I used to love video games, art, reading, photography and all sorts of things but now I just binge law & order. I feel like everything I used to love requires work that I don’t want to put in. Because of this, I’ve realized I’ve become a very boring person: A fear I’ve had for a long time. When I do things with people and they all talk about things they like to do I try to mention my hobbies but they don’t know I haven’t read a full book in a year or say down with a video game in seven months. It leads me to feel more insecure and reclusive towards my new “adult” life.

I’m not really looking for anything but it would just be nice to hear if other people experience what I have and how they overcome it.
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Aug 14, 2018
When I got depressed I stopped doing things that I enjoyed doing.

Someone once said that to be happy, you have to know the reason why you are here. Pursue your passions and do things that make you happy. Push yourself to be happy once again. Eat well and take a good rest. Enjoy being with your family and friends even though it will make you uneasy at times.

Strive to be happy because you deserve to be happy. Energize yourself and even do some exercise. Change your body chemistry. Move your way to happiness and peace. Listen to good and happy music. Watch good films. Enjoy.


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Jun 26, 2016
sillyville, USA
Hi buffalo

In high school I was a very good artist. I was “top dog” then a girl moved to our school. She was better then me. I didn’t like it. I felt just average. It was Hard for me not to be top dog anymore. But in reality, I was still very good but at the time I didn’t see it that way. I lost my enthusiasm for art. I regret it.
There is always someone better at something then us, there is also someone worse off then us too.
There was probably more competition in college? Possibly you told yourself you couldn’t do it and it rocked your confidence. You can do it.
The difference between successful people and not as successful people is successful people never stop trying. They get knocked down and keep trying until they succeed.
I know this, but I have had trouble with this too. It’s easy to give advice but hard to always follow it. If I couldn’t conquer something about a couple try’s, I am done with it and feel like a loser and that I can’t do it. If I kept trying I could do it but it takes a lot of energy.
Maybe you are depressed. And maybe you are disappointed too.
It would be worth it to see a doctor. Maybe they can help you if you are depressed.


I wish I could write stories again, I stopped when I was around 15, now when I try to get back into it I get bored easily or start something and never have the motivation to finish it

I also do art, but I lose motivation for that a lot too


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Oct 23, 2017
It sounds like you are dealing with the day-to-day struggles of transitioning from a college student into an adult. It takes awhile to figure out what it is that interests you and how you can share your gifts and talents with others. I started volunteering recently and I really enjoy helping others. If you volunteer, you can also make new friends and have fun in the process. I hope you get out of the house and try some new activities.