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losing it


Stone Kole

New member
Dec 3, 2014
I feel like I'm drowning! I can't stop Thinking, and over thinking and because of my own deep seeded issues, i am neglecting the woman i love more than life itself. She's started thinking i nolonger care about her and she couldn't be more wrong. I just get so caught up in my own world and for some damned reason i can't seem to give her the love and attention she needs. I get withdrawn, quiet, and moody and it affects her directly. I love her so much and need her to know that i need her to be patient with me, to be strong and Know that she really is my Everything. I can't lose her. I just can't.


Nov 1, 2014
Welcome to the forum StoneKole it is wonderful to have you here.
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

Well-known member
Oct 23, 2014
Hi Stone Kole and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear that you're so feeling bad. Have you talked about this and told her exactly how you are feeling? Even if you can't give her the love and attention at the moment, you could still explain how much you do love her. Lack of communication when you're not feeling yourself, in my opinion, just causes more problems.

I do hope everything turns out okay.
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