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Lorazepam .5mg for anxiety



New member
Sep 11, 2021
My doctor prescribed a 30 day supply of low dose Lorazepam for my anxiety 3 weeks ago. I've take 13 pills and don't want to take anymore because I am concerned about being addicted to these pills. I called my doctor and asked if I need to wean off the pills. He said I can just stop taking the pills, no need to wean myself off. Anyone here have experience with being on a low dose of Lorazepam for a few weeks and stopping?


Well-known member
Jun 26, 2016
sillyville, USA
I take xanax which is similair.
Ive been on it 25 years. My doctor says If i want to stop it just stop it. Ive went a week or two with out it because its prescribed when needed. Never had a problem, never needed tapered.


Jul 24, 2021
Nope. .5 lorezapam here. No problem skipping.
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