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Loosing things


Mar 25, 2009
Does this happen to you? the ones i remember most are my best shoes, they were all ways kept in the same place but one day they were gone and never did turn up, the other was 2 big brown envelopes, i had kept in the draw for sending documents, i know i did not use them as i had no stamps.


You know that I wrote a shopping list months ago n it dispaered and I know it was the last thing that I put down that day n so I thought like you do it will surface but to this day it hasnt, and its not that I have such aterrffic memory but when you know in your mind how did it physically disapear, it just got out of the folder n went for a walk I dont think so.

I can just loose things all the time even if they are sat on my lap, sometimes it drives me mad but that day was differant.