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Looking for some help.



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May 2, 2010
Milton keynes,England
Hi there,i was wondering if anyone could help.
I developed schizophrenia when i was 19,i'm now 35,and i hardly ever go out only to my sisters sometimes.
All of the voices,and hallucinations have gone,but i still have this condition thats hard to describe,it's like a hollow feeling inside ,it comes sometimes when i'm alone,and when i'm around other people it gets worse,i dont know how to act or where to look,and i have nothing to say,and generaly feel really weird,it's a living hell,i find it hard even talking to people online cause of this feeling.
i was thinking it was the negative symptoms of schizophrenia or maybe the risperidone ive been taking for 15 years.
my doc has put me on lyrica and paroxetine but the problem's still there.
If anyone knows what this is or experienced this and got better id like to hear from them.
Thanks for reading:)
ps,If this is not the right place to post this,then please remove.


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Dec 3, 2009
Buried under a sand castle.
iIt's a common thing alot of people experience when they become ill. the doctors would say it's the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, some would say its simply the effects of the medication. when i come off the meds i feel more out going, postive, energetic, creative and soicalable. after a couple months on the meds i always sink into a empty, depressed, apathetic state. certain drugs and drug combinations can make this better. i found abilify and effexor worked well its a dopamine agonist and works slightly differently and effexor is probably the best antidepressant it works on noradrenaline and dopamine at highers dose's. i prefer to just take a low dose of olanzapine and no antidepressant. i dont like being too drugged up and the pharmacology doesnt interact well and is ineffective.
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Hello Vincent - I agree with 'Introspection' - we get put on & made dependent on some very heavy drugs - that alone has a profoundly deep impact on us - combined with the social isolation & social exclusion that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia - (let alone the underlying issues), & is it any wonder why we feel the way that we do?

Getting to the lowest dose that I can of a single med/drug has helped some. & seeking out people that are accepting of me.
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We are not "illnesses". An illness is a plus upon our human lives. You write:

i dont know how to act or where to look,and i have nothing to say

Your task is to find out how you wish to act and where to look, and if and what you wish to say.

Seek out those things that delight you or could delight you. My advice is to start there.


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Apr 15, 2010
United States
i cant remember if i have those feelings while on medication, but i do when i am off. like now, i just feel emotionless, not happy, not sad, just flat. the sicker i get the more flat i become. when i get back on meds it feels like a black sheet has been lifted off of me.

My old doc said I was too high functioning to have schizophrenia, so I was stuck with about five other diagnoses. However, I was so low functioning I had to pull out of college for an entire semester until I was stable on meds enough to continue.

She also told me she didnt think I would be on medication for the rest of my life. Here I am five years later, still psychotic needing meds, so.... I see a new doctor wednesday. We will see what happens.

You are welcome here anytime. We have all felt hollow and not wanted to be around folks, so we know how you feel!! Feel free to chat here anytime. :welcome:


Jun 7, 2009
maybe you could ask your cpn for a med review you can tell them all about the symptoms you are experiencing and they can tell you what med might be better for you if medication is trial and error its good to try new things but it does cause you to be unstable for a little bit, i have the hollow feeling too ive recognised it as depression in me keep posting diddy
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