Looking for recommendations



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Nov 30, 2018
My daughter has been diagnosed with schitzotypal personality disorder. The only thing that the local hospital is offering is an increase in medication or committing to a psychiatric ward. And it's a three month waiting list to talk to anyone. Please tell me there are more options than this.

I'm looking for recommendations for a clinic that will do a more in-depth analysis. Pituitary gland issues run in my family for instance, but they haven't checked her hormones.

We live in Virginia, but I'll travel anywhere that will help her. I've looked at Mayo Clinic, but would really like to hear from someone with experience.


Aug 12, 2018
I'm sorry to hear you have to wait so long for your daughter to be seen.

I've looked at reviews by employees (I figure I would not want to go somewhere that the employees are unhappy) of places near me and this one is the only one that had good reviews. It is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is the link:

Behavioral Health & Medicine | The Christ Hospital

I have not had personal experience with them, but from what I've seen on the reviews, if I have to be hospitalized, that is where I'd want to go.

Good luck!