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Looking for new friends aged 18-25



New member
Oct 1, 2012
I’ve posted this in the depression forum, so you may see this again. But I thought I post this in the anxiety forum as is suffer from this too and just in case others might have not seen this post.

So I have never done this before, but I would like to know if there is anyone out their in the North London, West London or Watford area who are lonely and want to make a new friend. If you happen to live further away in London I would still love to meet you.

I live in Harrow, which is sandwiched between North and West London. Hence why it’s called North West London.

If you live further away in Hertfordshire say St Albans or Hemel Hempstead, we could easily meet halfway in Watford. Watford neighbours the borough I live and there are good transport links.

One great thing we can do, is that we could use each other to help overcome our problems.

I’m 21 by the way.


Hi. With respect I think it would be a good idea to post on this forum rather than arrange to meet someone you do not know.
Although there are many kind and honest people on here, someone might see your message and behave inappropriately.
Please be careful online, and talk to people rather than arrange meetings. The forum is a safe place to give and receive help. I should use it wisely.



If you want to meet new people and also feel easier with people who understand because they have had personal experience of depression and anxiety, I would seek out your local mental health organisation. Mind or rethink are the two national ones. I know depression alliance is based in London too.

Go to their websites or ring your local CMHT, they could probably help too. I guess if you were on this website a while and started to become friends with someone on here, down the line, maybe someone might want to meet, but I would think most people on here would probably be a while down the line before this happens. Anyway, I hope this helps.