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looking for insight



Sep 2, 2008
hi all, i have just joined as i was looking for some insight on dealing with everyday life and situations when you suffer from mental health issues..


Hi there is only just the one world, I really believed there was a get out clause once, but found out quite abrubltly that there isnt. I being :mad:person lives in the same world has normal people its just that I know I'm:mad: where most people I guess would be horrified to learn this.
Sorry I guess you are looking for a more inteligent answer but this is kinda my mind set today and having been very low for a short while its a good thing but honestly you will get some good replys to your question, because there are some great people on this forum take care james


Sep 2, 2008

hi james and thanks for your your reply, i apprichate your honesty, life is different for everyone every day and i personaly believe that we all at some point suffer from mental issues, and we all cope and deal with it differently, sometimes i struggle to cope but i try not to get to down, thanks, take care... leanne


I think the best way to get help on here is to find the right place and just say what it is that you need to deal with and ask for suggestions. Lots of us have blogs in the journals section. Or you can post on the section that looks the best for you. Local forums are a bit quiet so it's best not to shove things on there that need a quick reply.

Welcome and I hope we can help.
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