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Looking for friend who also has voices / similar experience (maybe play games, or vid chat, watch movies, etc.)



Jan 4, 2021
North Florida
Hi All,

So I've been having voices in my head (not auditory for me) and other related experiences (sensations, dreams, outlandish beliefs, etc.) for the past ~3 years. It started after I was watching videos from a New Age channeler, and kind of made an intention to experience "energetic extraterrestrial contact". Things went downhill pretty fast, got told I was going to hell, and a bunch of other scary stuff. I've been hospitalized multiple times during this.

I fully believe in a spiritual cause for this experience... and while I respect others' beliefs about what they think causes their experience, this post is really to just find someone I can talk to on a regular basis / do friend stuff with (so please also believe in a spiritual cause).

For the past three years, I've been very isolated. Mainly because I thought my experiences were unique and believed that others wouldn't be able to relate to or accept me because of it. Lately though I've been reaching out more, and realizing that I'm really not so unique/isolated in this.

Before that, I basically had a long-distance boyfriend, we met online... But other than that, didn't really have any friends for a couple years. I've always had a lot of anxiety around social stuff and opening up with people... So, basically, I haven't really had a close friend in a very long time. But I'd like to start taking steps to change that.

So, ideally, looking for someone around my age (25). If we get along well and feel comfortable, maybe we could play video games, vid chat, watch stuff, etc. (No pressure though. Most important for me is to find someone where we both feel good/comfortable with each other, where we can be open. No sense forcing that if it doesn't feel right.)

Also, just a quick rundown of my general beliefs:
  • Believe in God or a higher power of some kind... having faith that everything will ultimately work out
  • Also believe we affect our own reality (like through thoughts, beliefs, imagination, etc.)--but I don't think it's 100% you create your own reality like some in New Age / New Thought would think
  • Believe in negative entities / beings, entity attachments, and basically that there are "dark forces" as well (but also believe that God / love is the ultimate power, and that ultimately things will be okay)
  • Also believe that these negs (negative entities) can serve a positive purpose, by highlighting areas within yourself that are emotionally wounded and can be healed, any limiting beliefs about yourself, and other stuff
  • Also believe that we are guided in our daily lives by a higher power (whether soul, higher self, God, etc., not worrying about labels right now), sometimes to experience things that might be uncomfortable at first, but can lead to more learning and ideally a deeper joy/understanding as time goes on
I'm also really into self-compassion, being kind and gentle with myself... and also reading books on psychology, inner healing... and spiritual topics too.

So, message me or reply below if interested in talking and seeing where things go. Thank you!


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May 6, 2017
I wish you the best of luck finding friendship, I know how lonely it can be hearing voices and having nobody to talk to about them.

I too hear a voice that isn't my own in my head where my own thoughts would be but these words are completely out of my control.

I also thought the origin was spiritual in the early days, I studied everything I could find about the Higher Self, Spirit Guides or Negative Entities and my voice played along and even told me it was God at times but as my experience grew I started to explore other beliefs and have settled on my own explanation for voices based on my observations.

But I completely respect those with other beliefs, we all have different experiences that lead us down different paths.
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