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Looking for advice



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Aug 15, 2018
Hi all.

Quick history, diagnosed with ocd few years back known have had it for years since I was a kid. Have had severe depression and early this year was put on lactimal/lamotrigine (low dose increasing steadily) with suspected bipolar which isn’t a surprise with the last few years (also grandmother on mother’s side had severe bipolar).

Since on lactimal I’ve had much less severe depressive episodes and less swings than I’ve had in the last few years. I’ve been in a (gay) relationship for 2 years now and I know they are my soulmate, we click so well and love a lot of the same thing. We live together and plan to move out of my parents together eventually.

I have a very different sex drive to him. He is top only, doesn’t really like to experiment and very much into the same thing over and over. I’m kind of... into a lot. We have amazing sex but after two years it’s getting boring, not bad, just lacking. I suggest things to spice it up and honestly I can never see him going past very light stuff. I’ve considered asking him to open up our relationship cause I see sex and intimacy as separate things but I know he won’t want that, despite us wanting to be together forever.

So, what I wanted to ask really was sometimes my sex drive goes crazy, and I’m sure it’s partly to do with my mental health mood fluctuations. However I know that I’m honestly extremely sexual and wild, and having these episodes can really exacerbate this. I want to have fun and experiment, heck I’m not even sure I’m 100% gay anymore! Am I just having a really horny moment or is my mental health affecting this? Obviously there are no doctors here so I just wanted general advice.

Additionally to this, how do i bring things like this up with my partner, knowing he’s going to be upset about it but not wanting to ever hurt him.

P.S. I would never in my life cheat on anyone, and open relationships have rules and guidelines, I’m not jumping into these thoughts blindly.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Hi SourMango, :welcome: to the Forum. If you have the bipolar which runs in your family, you can get hyper sexuality from the mania side. I literally screwed up my marriage because of undiagnosed mania. But you sound very thoughtful and you don't sound impulsive.


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Aug 17, 2018
New York City
Required counseling session.

I am not sure what to suggest you to over come from this situation as i am my self doubtful to give any incomplete suggestion to you.

I would say join some counseling session with proper mental stress and relationship expert counselor, they expert ans specialized to solve this types of situation.


Aug 19, 2018
As mentioned already, hyper sexuality is often a part of mania, I suffer with this myself. However, I think it is very unfair if you are being restricted. You should be able to experiment without losing your partner. Talk to him, I only wish I had talked to my partner earlier in our relationship, now I’m stuck!