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Looking for a place to talk



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Mar 27, 2010
I'm so glad I stumbled across this forum - it popped up on a search for information on Avoidant Personality Disorder - as I'm desperate to talk with people that can hold a conversation about mental health without looking scared and obviously wanting to get away from me.

For my part, I can function "normally" in most situations - at least that's what it looks like to other people. You know that imagery of a swan, being all serene on the surface while out of sight under the water it's a scene of frantic paddling? That kind of sums up the way I live, and it really gets to me. Some days more than others, but constantly at some level... like an irritating background noise, or faint ringing in the ears, but inside my head instead. :(

I'm off to go have a look around as there's so much here to read.


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Hi Scribblet and a warm welcome!

Lionheart, my bro has tinnitus - have you had it a long time?
Lion Heart

Lion Heart

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Jul 24, 2009
hi emski,nice to meet you (y)

i have had my tinnitus for about 13 years now.

its been one hell of a roller coaster living with it :eek: for the first 5 years or so i did not even no what it was i had,i thought i had something much worse at the time & i was just waitting to die,REALLY.

when i first found out what it was i had it was a big relief for me,now i know i am not going to die from it make living with it that little bit easyer,but it is still very hard to live with & i would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

i do not know how loud your brothers tinnitus is emski but mine is loud enough it can interfere with my life at times,i hate it so much.

but as i have said in my other reply i can help it by avoiding certain thing like not smoking fags,cannabis,Alcohol,caffine cola coffee,chocolate,fizzy drinks,sweets.

also the more tired i get the louder it becomes,do not ask me why because i do not know.

the noise is right deep within my head,its a very high pitch noise & it is constant,it never stops ringing EVER,it can get me very down & depressed at time & a few time i had even thought about taking my life its that bad.

you just need to learn how to deal with it.

sorry to have hijacked your thread Scribblet :hijacked:

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