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Long term Multiple Sclerosis, waiting for diagnosis.



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Apr 15, 2012
West Midlands.
Can anyone else here relate to the depression around this condition.
I am a single person who lives Alone with my animals for company.. thankfully I am not wheelchair bound, but do have days where I can do very little.
I do feel let down by my current and previous GP’s- as I think this diagnosis could of been made years ago but they didn’t Listen when I went in to see them.


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Mar 1, 2021
Hi, I'm sorry. When my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's her depression became more severe and also with progression. Animals are the best. xo


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Aug 21, 2014
Hi, yes I can relate very well to this. RRMS diagnosis was finally confirmed in 2017, after having over a decade of symptoms. As if dealing with MS wasn't difficult enough, the depression on top can just feel overwhelming. When I asked if there was access to a Neuropsychologist within the MS team, I was told No. At the time I was under MH services but they didn't know anything about MS and the MS team weren't interested in the MH side of things - no wonder people fall through the cracks, the services are not joined up! MH Services discharged me during the covid lockdown so even that support has been taken away.

I don't know what it's like where you are, do you have access to an MS Nurse? Other suggestions are contacting your local community mental health team (you might need GP referral for this).

I hope you can find some help and support. Please keep reaching out here if it helps.

Kind thoughts.
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