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Long term consequences of sections



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I apologise if this has been discussed before i did do a search on the word section in previous threads but so many threads came up i don't have the time to go through them all!

Two years ago i was placed under a section three for treatment for an eating disorder. I managed to get myself off it in six weeks.
Prior to that when i was a teenager i was placed on a three day section but managed to prevent going onto a six month one by agreeing to stay in hospital (well it was really under duress, it was made clear to me that they would section me if i didn't agree).

I am now looking at returning to work but am looking for a new career, however i have been told in the past (by other patients) that my previous sections will prevent me from going into certain professions. They said it included the police, the army and some nursing professions.
Is this true? Are there any other professions i would find it difficult or be prevented from going into?

I am also looking for job opportunities overseas, but again i have been told that i may be prevented from emigrating to, working in or even visiting certain countries again because of my previous sections.

Can anyone please clarify for me what long term limitations and implications are of having a section 3 on your record. Are there any others I may not have mentioned?

Also I have heard a friend of mine had a section three where the police were involved not because she was violent or a threat to society but out of concern for her welfare. She undertook a voluntary job but she had to get a CRB check done for it and the police recorded their involvement on the check even though she had not committed a criminal offence.
I may have to have a CRB check done for future jobs and am worried that their involvement when i absconded from hospital twice and when i took an overdose on a separate occassion will also be recorded. Even though again i have never committed a criminal offence. My friend managed to get her record removed from the CRB check but by that point her employer had already received a copy. I would be appalled if the same happened to me even if it was subsequently removed. Is this likely to happen?

I thank you in advance for your replies and wish you all good health :)


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Sep 22, 2008
Sorry I cant help much.I'm surprised about your friend's experience with the CRB check.
I've been sectioned before and I also have a criminal record from my youth.I'd be surprised if my employer was able to read about both from a CRB check,as is the case with your friend.
At least you dont have a criminal record;that is what your employer is looking for.I think it's wrong if your employer can see information about your mental health from a CRB check.
I once (actually more than once) applied to start training to be a nurse.I think I can remember a question about mental health on the application.At the time what stopped me was my criminal record.You have to declare even spent convictions which mine wasn't and never will be.
Now I have my mental health problems aswell as a criminal record.I'm not anticipating being able to find employment now.
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