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Long distance Relationship and restrictions



Jan 26, 2021
Norwich, Norfolk
So I got in to a long distance relationship with a girl (I'm a girl also)

We met obviously online.

Shes came over to visit me a couple of times.

I've told her many times frome the start a ldr will be hard .

She wants to move to my country buy there's so many problems.

If I'm being honest I say we clash a lot as a couple so there's times where I dint see our relationship being a good idea. She definitely wants to be with me as she's told me. I'm sticking to it though I feel there's hold back on whst I want in life .

She wants to move with so little work effic but she wants a job..

She can't move in with me ATM cause my own personal financial mess which I'm gradually sorting. So She has to find a flat of her own ...

With restrictions in the way we both get the stress of that.

I hate that she can be naive and doesn't She the struggle of the ldr .. I often tell her its not gonna work out .. and unfortunately I start to think about times I've been let down by other girls .. idk If this is the reason I'm staying with her..

I bet we don't know each other very well.. I can't just rely on promises


Well-known member
Apr 22, 2018
Big desition. But at least is not you who is thinking to move to her country. Im in a kind of ldr too, even if its "conmforting" to have, what Ive been thinking is "this is the person I want to really settle down ?", its fun at distance, but for make it long term, my doubts come. In my case seems the other person is all fine about me, but Im very picky, and I like some things of her, but also I feel a lack of some things Ive always find important. I call it "fake love", from me to her, I can love her, but still gonna feel quite alone and thinking I would like another one of partner.
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