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Living with Health Anxieties(New member)



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Aug 17, 2020
I'm new to this so would firstly like to say Hi..
And, of course a brief background into my own mental health issues..
To be honest, I was quite shocked the other day to find out that my severe health Anxieties are the nicer, newer way to say I'm a Hyperchondriac!
Ok, I accept that, but, these symptoms are real, doesn't that make me physically ill, not mentally?
Im beginning to understand my health Anxieties better now, and, hopefully, will learn to deal with them.
IVe suffered from depression for a very long time, and had the HA for 8 years now, at least once or twice each of those years I've had major health concerns, that, turned out to be, the Anxieties.
Im just coming to the end of my most recent one which has lasted for 4 months, i still have the pains, symptoms, concerns(because no matter how many health professionals tell me I'm ok, nothing to worry about)I convince myself they've all, made a mistake.
I was hoping, through this forum to understand the HA a bit better, together.
I apologise for long introduction, but hopefully can share with people on here who understands what living with mental health issues is, really like.


Active member
Apr 28, 2020
Hi there, welcome! I also suffer from health anxiety. I turn every ache and pain into a catastrophic illness despite clear tests, etc. I started Zoloft about two weeks ago and also have been seeing a therapist for the past year or so. I hope the combination of the two can help me overcome this. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone!


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Aug 17, 2020
Thanks for the welcome..
I have been seeing, speaking to a Psychologist for about 6 months now, the sessions have been very helpful, but I do tend tend to 'drift' back into my anxieties quite easily at times.
It' reasuring to know this isn't just me, and that other people share the same, awful, symptoms of this, so they understand first hand how debilitating it can be.


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Aug 17, 2020
I recently had a health scare which has triggered some health anxiety how do people cope
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