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liveing on the bread line



im beginning to think that no one cares any more about mental illness or is it just me thinking this no money to live on no food in the cuboards you keep takeing your tablets and you will be ok and what do the government say go back to work well i say take what you want cos they cant take what i havent got reason for not going back to work cos im under the mental health act 1983 on low rate and i also get low rate care i suffer with bipolar disorder manic depression and personality disorder in the past burning myself cutting my self all the time who is to blame me my so called famliy the world ill leave you with this saying you will never get out of this world a live ???????? well pissed off


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May 27, 2008
Hi Ziggy and welcome to the forum. We're all in a similar boat here and there's certainly a lot of disgruntlement over ESA :(. Anyway, you are amongst friends here so keep posting.

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