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Lithium no effect?



May 24, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have started to take lithium. Does anyone want to share their experiences with me?
How long does it take to have an effect on depression? Because I feel not better at all. I take it for three weeks now, three days ago I increased the dosage. Maybe I have to wait for a longer time...

Kind regards,


Well-known member
Jan 20, 2019
Hi. Lithium is a drug that needs to reach a certain level within your blood. You should start at a low level of Lithium and then have it increased by the doctor/psychiatrist as you have blood tests to show what the level is in your blood. It is important that this is done slowly and safely because it could kill you. Once it reaches a certain level in your blood (they call this the "therapeutic level" in the UK) you should then start to feel it helping you. This whole process takes many weeks and it has to be this way in order to be safe, so be patient and hang in there. I should also point out that not all drugs work for all people. I tried Lithium but I didn't feel it helped me much so I changed to a different medication. Other people will have found it very helpful. Some of these things you can only find out by trying them.
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