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Lithium and other medication male fertility



New member
Jun 22, 2020
hi I have bipolar type 2 and basically me and my partner are trying for a baby.
I already have one child from a previous relationship (this was before I started my medication and before I had my diagnosis). Now I am with another woman and have been with for 6 years and want to try for a baby.
We have been trying for years literally and no luck.
So basically its got to be my meds and I want to come off them temporarily if possible.
Im currently taking daily
1000mg lithium
15mg Aripiprazole
30mg mirtazipine
im also taking other medication but like omeprazole, lymecycline, atorvastatin.
looking for some advice on what's the best way to go about this.


Well-known member
May 7, 2019
Hi there. I can totally understand your concerns. This is going to be a question for your psychiatrist/healthcare team, and I would definitely consult them before going off anything. It is possible that lithium, for example, perhaps could disrupt fertility in theory, but the medical literature on this has many studies contradicting each other, suggesting there probably is not a uniform consensus on this. We can't really give medical advice here as we are not professionals but rather a support group. So this is really a question for your healthcare providers who can at least give you the most informed knowledge at this time.

To give you some encouragement however, I too take lithium and had a child while on it among other psychiatric medications. Hang in there, and best of luck. Hope this helps at least a little.
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