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Lingering psychosis symptoms



New member
Oct 14, 2018
I have been taking lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder for a while now and it has helped tremendously. Before this, I went through delusions where I suddenly developed fake memories of people I know in reality and believed I could communicate telepathically through those memories. Despite gaining control of my mental illness.
I still have those memories and still carry conversations with particular people in my head during particular activities. I have worked hard to convince myself that the delusions I went through are not true, but those thoughts always feel real when I’m having them.
Is this common for many people who have gone through delusions, to hold onto the idea that thoughts like these are as completely real? Even though my logical brain says they aren’t true, my body and mind react as if they were.
These thoughts are intrusive and bothersome as I can never have my thoughts when I am alone, it’s as if someone (always real person I know) is in the same room as I am, except they know what I am thinking as well as what I’m doing.
These thoughts often occur while doing mundane things like playing media like video games or listening to music, and occur randomly for various reasons.


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum
I'd go back to your GP, psychiatrist and tell them. Combination therapy might help you. That is a combination of meds.
You should be delusion free.
Hope you feel better soon.
Take care