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Life Transition Anxiety



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Apr 11, 2021
I am scared about the change that is about to happen. could I handle it? what if I don't? will I be me after it? who even am I?

As a high school student, I haven't had much hardship. I know that because people around me have felt that, but I just feel like I have been walking for so long that now my body is not ready for running. I have a very addictive personality but because of that even when I do go to university I might do everything perfectly for a few weeks and even a couple of months but I always fall off. and that's the part I am afraid of. like everything else I will flunk this too, will I be like this forever and just won't be able to commit to anything real? and there are suck big consequences this time. and this is me months before getting there like what the actual fuck? how am I able to handle any real pressure if I am just going through what so many people have already been through. would I be left behind, then what the point of even working at all? even if I do find the motivation now whose to say I won't have the same questions when I am there because I am there for 4 years. Am I not capable?

I know that I am not special, I know I don't work the hardest, I am not the fastest learner, and even that I am not even precise enough to learn how to make a fucking pizza. how am I supposed to do a real job with real stakes?

Why do I fucking have to spend what I make in a fucking week to get therapy? what the fuck man?


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Jul 8, 2019
I've just passed a course I thought I couldn't do
I nearly gave up so many times
but people kept encouraging me to do it
and my certificate arrived today

you can do it !


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Feb 24, 2021
United States
When you go to university, they should have free counseling services. They have this in the US, so I imagine it's the same in Canada. Use this to your advantage -- the counseling is offered for ALL kinds of issues, whether you are struggling academically, or you are having personal relationship issues, or you are having anxiety struggles. Anything - school related or not - the counseling is there for you and it should be free. I did this when I was in uni and it was really helpful. I liked having someone there who I could talk to at any time, and we talked about school, life after school, and even problems I was having in a relationship.

There are also academic advisors (or something similar) who you are assigned when you begin at uni. This person (usually a professor) helps you with picking your classes, finding internships, etc. They can help you map out a plan of what you want to do, the steps how to get there, and so on. If you don't match well with them, you can request to have someone else.

Also, universities have career department with even more advisors who can help you. If you're totally unsure about your future -- they have techniques on how to get you thinking straight and map out some ideas and plans that match with you. I even met with them after I graduated - you should have access to this as an alumni too.

There are a lot of resources at university and I strongly encourage you to use them. Don't worry, you are not on your own when it comes to mapping out your life. Most people don't have a clue, so we need help and guidance. As long as you reach out for help, these people will be there like little life coaches to guide you along.
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