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Life sucks



New member
Jan 15, 2022
Good day new here getting a divorce,alcoholism,got a dui and dealing with anxiety and depression. Life is not good want to end it all. It hurts so bad not sure how much I can take.


Well-known member
Jan 3, 2022
Los Angeles
@Spartus123 Its time you reflect on your life and what you DO have. I've had a DUI, its not the end of the world. I've also had anxiety and depression linked to my personality disorder but Zoloft has helped me a great deal with that.
I understand feeling so low that you think ending it is the only answer left but that is just how you feel right at this moment and you shouldn't act on emotions immediately, take time to think of a solution for your problems.
In fact, whenever I've felt really low, there is one thought that always snaps me out of it, and that is whatever I'm going through right now is NOTHING compared to the depths of suffering that people around the world go through every day.
When things aren't going my way, I remember that half the world is living in poverty and struggling to meet their needs every damn day. I also remember that there are countless women in the middle east and Europe who are sex trafficked, abused and in a lot of cases murdered without anyone to care or remember them.
Then all of a sudden it puts into perspective my worries and that I have much more to be thankful for in my life and that whatever is going wrong right now, I will get over and move forward to better things.
And so it is true for you too.