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Life after chlordiazepoxide (Librium) ??


Lady Dee

I have recently been prescribed chlordiazepoxide (30mg per day) to relieve my anxiety/depression and the related drinking binges. I have been depressed for well over 15 years having taken most varieties of SSRI's, mostly without having gained much benefit from them. After taking chlordiazepoxide for a week I feel better than I have for as long as I can remember and have felt no desire to drink, no aggressive rants & my family certainly agree that this drug suits me. I am concerned that in a week's time I will be visiting my doctor having reduced the dosage accordingly, and will then be left to the mostly ineffective SSRI's again. Is there any medicine out there which can be taken long term which would help maintain my present mental state of feeling normal. If it's addictive, I don't really care - that would be better than the last 15 years of my life.


Hi Lady Dee

And :welcome: to the forum.

I'm so sorry you have been suffering for so long, and to hear of your predicament.

I guess the reason that librium is usually prescribed for short periods because you can become physically dependent on them and build up a tolerance to them, but you have probably already been told that.

Unfortunately no one on here can suggest a medication to you, as we are not doctors on here, and do not know your backgroung or medical/psychiatric history.

However I would like to suggest that perhaps the issues you have mentioned maybe in some way if not completely alleviated by some form of talking therapy. Depression, anxiety and aggresive anger can have a root psychological cause, hence that may be why the SSRIs are not helping you.

I was in the same predicament as you, I had all those issues but with the right treatment I am able to have some control over the way I feel, without feeling the need to resort to quick fixes such as alcohol, or benzodiazepines. However I do understand how you feel, the quick fix is often the most tempting and easier thing to do. However in the long term they can bring their own implications, and can make your whole situation alot worse.

In my opinon medication for depression usually alleviates your feelings for a short time but until you get to the bottom of and deal with a potential underlying psychological cause you will not recover. Medication will only serve as a temporary plaster over a deep wound.

Have you tried any therapy before?

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