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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Cycles in the mind

Once again I write in the middle of the night
Sleep evades me, with weariness now being my plight
Memory flashbacks of the negativy of yesteryear
Confirms a bitterness which right now is hard to bare

It's over, forget it or at least let it lie
These words in my brain I ply
Endeavouring to override these hurtful thoughts
And achieve the peace from being sought

Once again my memory banks churn
The repeating cycles being continually turned
I keep pushing myself to give me more slack
Just enjoy the here and now let go of those part of your past

Concentrate on the positive aspects you know you've done
Pat yourself on the back for other things well done
Instead of power-walking and not relaxing your mind
Take some time out for yourself, let the world just go by

Have some means to vent the anger that burdens you
Write how you feel not just mull it around
Books and music where I can fully immerse
Then once again my confidence will return​


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
The real .me?

Sitting on a carpet of leaves
All around a copse of deciduous trees
Sitting back against an oak
Letting go of thoughts and many worries
I again can smell and hear the sounds of this forest

As my mind attunes to the surround
My senses enhances I feel a part of this land
I begin to hear creatures great and small
Scurrying around on this there land
So I continue to sit, quietly, just looking around

As timed passes by my mind relaxes and smile I abound
A feeling of great contentment fills me with joy
Just trying to realise the gifts they reveal
Perspective in my mind increases
As I sit and listen and my mind relinquishes

As I relax and contemplate
I begin to understand that which I should concentrate
That's not to ignore anything I should do
But realise the limitation that time has revealed
I now do what I can when I can, the rest will be done when I can

All by just sitting within the trees
In a place where my mind is also at ease
Somewhere which allows my mind to filter
And prioritise the limitations of mind
I've always known the contemplative powers of the trees

It is not a cure all of all my woes
But allows a place where I can regenerate my mind
To, if not to resolve, then realise the work I must do
For an orderly mind brings contentment too
And a realisation of what is actually you.



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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Change in weather affects my mind

The weather has changed and so has my mood
Sinuses filled now making me blue
My forehead aches, tablets don't work
Nasal spray now on overtime for relief to gain

I want to go out and walk some miles
Not just sit here moping all of the time
My eyes are semi closed as the nasal pressure increases
Sleep seems a preferred option, oblivion and peace

A dark hole greets me with open arms
Letting self pity take over me
To curl up and hold myself tight
A comfort that my mind yearns time and again

Looking through the window and rain is falling
A thermometer shows the temperature dropping
Trees swaying in the breeze
A dull greyness to match my mood

Negativity pervades every sinew of me
I need to get up and shake this melee
For allowing it to fester will tear me apart
Now it's time to make a cup of tea​


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
My mind

A morning walk through a dew filled field
Mist envelopes and chills the air
The sun progressively evaporates all around
Leaving a once blank canvas with colours abound

As the mist disperses replaced with a breeze
Brings in the Bird song from the neighbouring trees
Within the long grass hares now scurry
Rabbits run back to their burrows in a hurry

But as I sit by a wall and watch
Hares, rabbits and birds do flock
For the morning dew atracks like little else
Here I don't feel all by myself

Quietly, when I've had my fill
I'll move on contented with what I have seen
Along the back lanes I go, with a smile on my face
My mind once again in a really good place

Down by the canal detritus of people lies there
Leaving me saddened wondering why some don't care
It's not only youth that does these deeds
But knowing that does not make my mind at ease

Choosing my path now with great care
Walking where people usually are not there
For at times it's good to attune with nature
And not the irrelevance that some utter

A couple of hours pass and I'm ready to go back
To face reality of other people's chat
Age has given me though a present I relish
Selective hearing to help my mind remain unblemished


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
My minds eye

The early morning hours are the ones I regularly see
Laying in the darkness without the comfort of dreams
My mind 'whirring' round for silly thoughts to break through
For its the time of day my demons beckon with untruths

For the night is usually still and devoid of sound
My thoughts are the only thing running around
Mountains out of molehill is what worries to do
As it works out all the vulnerabilities to antagonise me

But I am tired and reasoning takes time to kick in
Feeding on my vulnerability of anxiety for depression to begin
A particularly nasty cycle, its taken me years to see
Knowing though does not make it easier to resist

I used to counter my thoughts with historical fact
That nothing has happened to to make me change my tack
But it continues to make scenarios that are believable to me
That is how I succumb to these feelings that seem real to see

Knowing this should be like ammunition to fight
Decry these thoughts with all of my might
But alas the scenarios that it paints
So clearly show the feasibility of my fate

I think of a vine as it winds around a tree
Covering every avenue and choking escape routes from me
Until reaching a point where the seed is set
And my sick mind does all the rest

So now I make up another person to be
Let my mind run riot being fancy free
If I don't limit the possibilities of where to dream
I can minimise the damage that negativity brings to me

So these early morning hours
Are the time I feel precious to me
For its in the darkness my minds eye can see
And leads me to adventures where I could rather be​


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Mmh of I go again

A general feeling of being 'down'
Put down to the change in weather which abounds
Cold and wet does not entice me out
So I sit and read, generally mope about

Motivation somehow has left my side
Hibernation feels to be right
I know that this does me no good
Reading this reinforces my glumness

I look in horror at where I'm going
The slippery road to depression is calling
This road is one I cannot go down
Somehow I have to turn myself around

Motivation is the key
This is somehow eluding me
Strength is what I have to find
I wish I could talk to others about my life

Buck up my lad and stop complaining
The mess your in, is I agree, not of your making
But if you don't talk then you remain in your own
It's a solitary road which you're going down

So off I go to find my way
Find that elusive 'thing' I crave
Tranquillity of thought as I go along
This journey of life which at times feels so long


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Winter blues

Thinking deeply causes me so much grief
It eradicates most of my deep held beliefs
Now I find I have nowhere to go
Life is just passing by ever so slow

Winter weather now wet and cold
Wind howling round not knowing where to go
Sitting here watching the flames in the fire
Thinking life is becoming so dire

Not being ready to pop my mortal clogs
It's up to me to stop myself becoming yet another slob
Being a loner has much in its favour
Except when negativity takes over

Once again on this forever slide
Until a brake I can find
Straight after that there has to be a will and a way
For me to go back to just enjoying each day

Historically all does come to pass
And I return to face my past
Accept what is gone has gone
And not dwell on that that cannot be undone

Writing this down is my way of talking
My only way of unloading
In a day or so I hope to be on the turn
To start 2019 without concern