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Let Me Share A Life Lesson With You All



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
Today. I took a quick moment to reflect. I flew here on my spaceship after getting it resurfaced.

My nephews are in college. My oldest children are in college.

I had a conversation with my nephews... I already had, with my beautiful daughters.

I basically said this.

If you ever need help studying or with your homework. I am here.

I am willing to read the full curriculum and study the material. Test with you. Read. Study with you.... Whatever it takes to secure that you all have the highest academic achievements...

Now. I am not going to say this daily. Weekly. Monthly. Or every semester.

I have peace of mind that I have presented the opportunity.

I am not here to replace their father or mother. Just to be their uncle.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

I have my own mental health. I have my own peace of mind. That I offered to help. In any way that I can... So that they may build a solid future for their wives and their future children.

These are my philosophies.

Most people...given an opportunity....can achieve greatness.

Most people only need one chance at building a great future.


One moment can change your life. Or it can stay the same.

The choices are up to you. Each path has a different destination.

Our belief system is the navigation.

If we have a negative outlook in life. We will never reach our full potential.

When you leave here. You don't have to be the same person.

Only by choice.

In other words. They have an open library of knowledge in me.

I can lead the horse to the water.

But it is totally up to them. To utilize that potential. And most importantly; wisely.

I can not force the horse to drink.

Life is about choices. They have to make these life determining decisions.

I can not.

Now. Its clear.

They have to make a decision.

Your education is like a marriage. It is a 24/7 commitment.

If you put in the work. You will reap all of those rewards.

Two years. 4 years. It goes by so fast.

Best time is to do it young. But I graduated at 40+

All of us are unique. So the best for you. Is the best for you.

Now. For my own mental health. I had to make all of those things clear.

I am here. I want to hell. I will help in every way I can.

Not financially.

The equivalent of giving them each 1 fish to eat for a day.

But by helping them absorb as much knowledge from their education. So that they themselves learn to fish.... And eat for a lifetime.

I have to protect my mental health myself; walking away from the situation. Knowing the value of my proposition.

At the same time making it clear to them that they are at the controls of their own yachts.

Where they arrive... Twenty years from now... It will all be based on their decisions today.

In other words. Tomorrow. Is already here today.

A moment like this. Is extremely important to me. In my own mind and well being.

I have to also protect myself from the emotional harms.

- Where financially I can involve myself. In this situation. Where the potential of default is extremely high.

It would hurt me both emotionally and financially.

Again. The money is not important. It is truly the principle.

I have had to learn. To remove myself from all negative situations. Including avoiding hitting emotional walls of stress.

I have had to be tough to protect my heart. My mind. My body and my soul.

Not to forget my financial future.

Mentally. I face these challenges daily.

But only I can secure my mental safety.

At times. I just want to bring all of my loved ones to Disney for a few months.

But. That is not the answer. And may actually send the wrong message.

Behind every overnight success story, is 25 years of hard work.

No one ever focuses on that truth.

I have been busting my @$! for years educating myself. Developing myself. And investing in business ventures. Loosing more than 90% at times.

It easy to see my next Lamborghini... I plan to buy next year...

I am still saving. To buy it cash.

An older one. Which will need more than I am paying for it. Just to run. But its all I can honestly afford. To live below my means.

But its hard to remember my 5+ jobs during college years. Including working breakfast in McDonalds..... So many years ago...

This is about me taking a stand in my life. And towards the millions that I love and care for.

My love is not measured by how much money I can give you. My love for you does not equate to me buying you a new house, car or business.

Nor should anyone in my family use that same love to harm me financially. Or emotionally.

I used to give out fishes.

Now. I build fishing rods.

I will not be financially abused by my family. Or my wife's family.

Because I do not give you financial assistance, does not mean I don't love you.

In fact. It is because I love you that I will take you to McDonalds; and get you a happy meal.

Inside of it. There will be a job application.

I won't fill it out for you. But I will let you borrow my PARKER pen....

That is tough love. But love nonetheless.

Life is full of beautiful wonders.

I drive by that same McDonalds as much as I can.

Just to remind me. Where it all started...

I may own that very same store..... Today.

Who knows?

At least in my heart. I do.

I value and I cherish everything that I learned there.

Hard work. Low wages. But still an opportunity....

And for some of us... That is all we need...

I made a firm decision this year. To say no when ever I can.

I no longer accept emotional abuses or psychological pressures from toxic loved ones.

Sorry.. I have no time for bs.

My heart is worth more than any bank account. Or materialistic monkey bs.

God bless.

Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

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Mar 19, 2019
Amen to that, Mandalorean.

I’m taking my son out of school for this coming academic year to home educate. I shall be fostering his entrepreneurial skills and pushing the message “You can do anything with the right amount of effort and focus.” He’ll be 13 this Autumn. So many talents but school doesn’t teach how to harness talent and make it work for you. X