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Let’s accentuate the positives


Mr Ploppy

Nov 1, 2018
Are you struggling with chronic depression.

Has anxiety got a grip such that you are constant pain.

Have you lost your job because you no longer can go to work.

Have you turned to alcohol to prop your sad life up.

Has your wife left you.

Can you no longer get out of bed.

Had a heart attack.

Well let’s accentuate the positives........

You’re tucked away in a nice comfy bed, feet up relaxed, don’t have to worry about work, on benefits, little drinky on the go. I’ve met you, eye contact is good, look quite perky. Excellent!, I see you every three months, well let’s make it 6 months.

Sounds rediculous?

That’s the shit I got out of mental health services when chronic anxiety resigned me to a bed for five years.

I’ll never forget the CPN who told me to get a cat and drew a picture of it for me. I said ‘sort bloody anxiety’, she just looked at me.
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