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Learning to control and create voices through ghost hunting



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
Ghost hunting involves, at least the way I learned, recording silence after asking a question, then amplifying the silence through Audacity or another program and listening back for an answer to your question. In doing this I noticed that the answer I thought I was hearing in a specific spot could be heard in different spots. Voices urging me to stop doing what I was doing would also say things in the recording at all different spots but at the same volume as the voices I was listening for. I then noticed that I could voluntarily place what I was listening to over and over again almost anywhere i liked but more so in conjunction with when other voices allow it. But they still act like voices. Now I create music and mainly singing in different famous singer's voices into amplified silence or sign noise. It makes my tail wag to do this and I get dizzy.